The Bookrema Story

By: Christopher Okonkwo 9th November, 2020

Our Story

Back in 2015, when I was newly admitted to the University of Rivers Sate, Nigeria, I found it very difficult getting used to the entirely new system coupled with the social and cultural differencies. If you want to research or do an assignment the internet is your only saviour, but the internet can be treaky as most times we only get information that was uploaded by foreign scholars which most times are not what are lecturers expected of us. During exams, you have to be in school to find some past questions that could have been easily accessed online. News of educative events doesn't spread well because theirs no provision for them esp. when it is not being hosted by the school management itself.  I began asking myself questions like, "Is this what it means to school in nigeria", "will I make it to the final year without loosing my mind". It was like hell for a freshman like me with little or no guidiance about the university life. Being that I don't like leaving things the way they are especially when it hurts me, so badly, I started thinking of how to either influence the system through the students government or build a platform which will have a huge effect on the way things work.

I contested for the department assistant secretarty general and won but due to the nature of the post I handled, I could not do much to change things because my voice wasn't heard. But I still couldn't let things be, so I focused more on self development and examination to find some natural talent in me that could help. At that time I could only think of web development, so I decided to practice more and more to get better at it and I did after a couple of months of minimum 12 hours of work.

I built a website for past questions and answers but due to my perfectionist character, it never made it to the live server. And since then I have thought of other projects as just one will not solve the numerous issues we had in school. I created Bookrema Archive for the past questions and answers, lecture notes, textbooks and tutorials, then CreativeBlog for students who wishes to blog without the cost of creating a premium website. Geomarket was originally built for the students but any one can use it as tries reduce the long ship times by showing you sellers nearest to you. You can also advertise your products and services there. Then CampusNews was designed to keep the students informed of the events happening around the school environs with more emphasies on legimatimacy of infomation.


Bookrema Archive is up and running with some materials.

CreativeBlog is also live with few users.

CampusNews has been launched with information coverage from about 5 universities whithin the country

Geomarket launched and ready to be utilized by anybody who wishes to buy or sell.

Events in View

We are planning to launch some recreational platforms for upcoming artists and beauty contests and more.

We love feedback, so you can slide in and tell us what you feel, more so if you have a project you will want us to embark on.

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