We curate information in the form of past questions and solutions as they are
uploaded by the students, from different schools and states across the country.

Project Archive

There has been a shortage of information in the form of past questions and answers, lecture notes, locally used textbooks and tutorials perculiar to schools in Nigeria. Ranging from universities to polythechniques and other educational institutions including secondary schools.

The Archive project was developed to cater for these shortages. We are able to do that by developing the website in such a way that everybody and anybody can create an account and start uploading past questions and other materials supported by the website provided that the materials are not in anyway violating copywrite terms of the owners/authors. As time goes on more and more files/materials will be uploaded by volunteers and we intend to appreciate their effort by adding some previlages will be explained in detail in our blog, when we deem fit.

There are major categories of the archive project

  •  Past Questions
  •  Past Solutions
  •  Textbooks
  •  Lecture Notes
  •  Tutorials

While we are working to accomodate more file types, we currently support only a handful:

  • .PDF
  • .DOC
  • .MP3

Strategies Employed

We are working on a possible inclusion of advertisement schemes on the platform to solve two major problems:

  • Hosting the platform.
  • Appreciating the effort of the volunteers.

Due to our dedication to serving the students community, we have decided that most if not all our offerings remains free.