News reporting platform for events and happenings on the campuses of various
schools in Nigeria and beyond.

There is a bridge in the way information is spread in terms of news/updates about events happening in school and its environs. There are times we don't get to know about an event you would have liked to attend, until the D day and worse still when the event has passed. I personally experienced this a lot of times so I decided to build a platform to bridge that gap in communication.

CampusNews was designed to bridge that communication gap. To make sure the information being posted is not duplicated across the platform, we have limited the membership to not more than 5 reporters per school and each reporter reports about a single school. This helps the reporters build a reputation in that school/community which is the road to becoming an influencer. We moderate the posts by removing the ones being reported by many to be untrue, as credibility is top our priority, we also remove reporters whose reports are found to be false on three occasions. We are updating the system on weekly basis to serve the community better.

We have a couple of categories and would like to hear from you if you think we missed some vital ones. Your feedback is always welcome.